5 Reasons To Drink Sangria This Holiday Season


Instead of taking a trip to a tropical location this winter to escape the cold, grab yourself a glass of sangria wine and bring the taste of Summer to you. Sangria wines are often times only associated with Summer months, but with Bodega Sangria, Summer never ends. Though it is getting colder, out our taste buds don’t have to know that, and here are five reasons why!


  1. Sangria pairs perfectly with holiday foods! Whether it is meats, cheese plates, or appetizers at a holiday party, sangria is the perfect companion.
  2. With all of the holiday foods, it can be easy to forget to eat a fruit a day! Sangria takes care of that for you by having your favorite fruits already in the wine. Just enjoy the beverage, and grab a fork after you are all finished to scoop out the leftover fruit. Yum!
  3. Red wine benefits transfer over to sangria! As long as it is red wine sangria, it is just the same healthy benefits towards your heart that drinking a glass of red wine has.
  4. Dry and sweet wine lovers enjoy it! Don’t worry about what your aunt’s wine preference is in comparison to your dad’s. Everyone loves sangria, whether they prefer dry or sweet wines.
  5. Sangria allows you to be creative. Add your favorite fruits, be festive and add some cranberries. With sangria wine, the options are unlimited!

So what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of sangria wine today to make your holidays a bit more festive, fun, and fruity! For information on Bodega Sangria wines or San Antonio Winery, visit us online at BodegaSangria.com or SanAntonioWinery.com


Img. 2: @amburnicole_