A Waterfall of Flavors

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We’re guessing you already know about wine but even if not, you are in the right place. But we won’t be telling you about the history of wine. As for now, we invite you to experience a new way of drinking it! Refreshing real fruity flavor, and wine all in one.

Why do you want to spend hours making Sangria? You’d have to purchase the fruits, peel and cut the fruits, mix them with the wine, put it in the fridge, wait hours for it to be cold…nah let’s try something far easier. With Bodega Sangria you can skip all those steps!

A new flavored wine cooler that will appeal to you for sure. Discover wholesome Sangria in one bottle. Yes, we’ve basically created magic. No fruits needed, no wine needed, no knife needed. Just a deck to put your feet up on and a bottle of mouthwatering Bodega Sangria. Of course, you can add your own fruits in your flavored wine cooler. That will personalize your Sangria and make it look beautiful. Your friends will love that, especially because you can eat the wine soaked fruits after.

Give your taste-buds a treat and experience this explosion of flavors. Here it is; you have found your best partner for Spring/Summer. So let’s start the adventure in Spring, continue the fun in Summer and keep enjoying in Fall and Winter! Bodega Sangria – flavor your life even on your coldest days.

Stay cool!

Bodega Sangria can be purchased at your local retailer or at San Antonio Winery. To learn more about this brand, visit BodegaSangria.com and be sure to follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use #BodegaSangria on fan photos! Show us your Sangria in action!