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The NBA finals have officially begun, the Stanley Cup Finals are currently taking place, and we can’t think of a better time to have a get-together than now!  No one wants to watch these games alone, so gather up your friends and family for a night of sports, food, and of course booze!

But not just any booze – Bodega SangriaBodega Sangria is the ultimate fiesta drink that all your guests will enjoy.  With summer just around the corner, everyone will be craving something cold, refreshing, and delicious, and Bodega Sangria is the drink that all will have a great time with.  Bodega Sangria goes well with many different foods, but we especially love it with some of our favorite party foods like pizza, nachos, tacos, guacamole, and chips and salsa!  You can’t help but have a great time when you throw Bodega Sangria into the mix!


Grab enough Bodega Sangria so you don’t run out and put a damper on your party.  The more sangria you serve, the happier you and your guests will be.  Serve Bodega Sangria over ice and add fresh fruit for an additional delicious taste.  Pick up Bodega Sangria from your local retailer or shop online or in-store from San Antonio Winery and get those viewing parties set and ready to go!

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