Battle of the Sangria Wines: Dry, Sweet, PreMade

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You have your meal ready, the party is all set up, invitations have been set, and you know you want to serve sangria, but what red wine do you use?

Luckily for you, we have broken down the different categories of red wine, perfect for making sangria.

  • The dry red wine: perfect for adding to. This bottle of red wine can range in price from under $5 to over $10, but probably nothing more over $20. This dry red wine is great when used with lots of fruits, ginger ale, Sprite, or 7-up, and even when mixed with a shot or two of brandy of rum! When using this wine, it is best to let it soak overnight.
  • The fruity red wine: this wine is great when you just want to add a slice or two of your favorite citrus and a splash of sparkling water. This wine is great if you want to make the sangria and drink it right after!
  • The premade sangria: our personal favorite, as this is the best and easiest way to make sangria and alter it to your own personal preferences. Our favorite is, of course, Bodega Sangria, because it is so versatile. It is not overly sweet or dry, and works well with all fruits, sodas, and hard alcohols, making it the best red wine to make sangria, since it is already made!

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