Best Sangria Recipes

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There is nothing better than having a refreshing drink in hand, especially when that drink is Bodega Sangria. Spring is all about that warmer weather, fresh blooming flowers, and enjoying fresh cocktails outdoors, so we’re having some fun today and showing you how to make your very own DIY sangria bar for your next outdoor gathering.

No sangria bar is complete without really delicious sangria so obviously Bodega Sangria is the star in our setup. Bodega Sangria is ready to serve and ready to drink,so the days of having to make your own are over. No more hassle, just fun, fresh, and fruity sangria that your friends and family will enjoy. We love mixing our favorite fruits together to bring out the juicy and natural flavors of Bodega Sangria. Remember, there are no rules when making your own sangria bar, so have some fun and enjoy it with bright tablecloths, crazy straws, festive decorations, and beautiful flowers. Serve on ice and get ready to enjoy the best sangria ever!

All you need is Bodega Sangria and a few simple ingredients to make this uber tasty Watermelon Sparkle cocktail come to life. Add some ice, watermelon, and a splash of sparkling water to your glass for this refreshing and perfect for Memorial Day Weekend cocktail that you can enjoy with all your friends and family. It makes a great BBQ cocktail, so make sure you make plenty for all.

Of course you can always enjoy a delicious glass of Bodega Sangria on its own, just pour over ice and you have yourself a ready to drink sangria that is amazing! We wish you all a great weekend and today we are toasting all the great men and women that served our country with a cold glass of Bodega Sangria, salud!
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