Best Wine Sangria

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The fall season may be among us, but let’s keep in mind that cold and refreshing drinks are always in demand. What better refreshing drink than Bodega Sangria? Bodega Sangria is a fresh and delicious sangria from Southern California where the weather feels like Summer almost 365 days a year. Not living in Southern California shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a delicious beverage all year-round like Bodega Sangria; in fact, it will give you the taste of Summer all year long!

Bodega Sangria is easy to drink and very versatile. You can drink it on its own or create fun and easy sparkling sangria recipes for you and all your friends to enjoy. Here is a simple sparkling sangria recipe that will be a guaranteed hit at your next gathering, dinner party, or just an average Thursday night spent in:

Grab whatever fruit you have, and cut it into slices to add into a pitcher. We like to cut up orange slices because one: it brings out the flavor in the sangria so perfectly, and two: it looks very pretty and cheerful in the pitcher, and we love a good presentation. Feel free to add lemon and lime to this sparkling sangria recipe, it will give it a little extra zest to your drink. We also love adding apples, which gives this sparkling sangria recipe even more flavor. Cut them into slices or cut them into small cubes for a fun twist. Stir and serve chilled or over ice and you’re done… Salud!

Find Bodega Sangria at your local retailer or find it online or in-store from San Antonio Winery. Learn more about Bodega Sangria by going to or