Bodega Sangria Holds The Secret To The Best Sangria Recipe

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The secret to any sangria recipe is to have a good wine. Most people think that all you need to make the best sangria is cheap (and by cheap we mean low quality) wine and a lot of fresh fruit. But truthfully, and you ought to give it a try yourself, you need to have a good quality wine and fresh fruit. It’s the wine that makes the biggest difference – after all, sangria is a wine-based cocktail!

Good quality wine is the secret to the best sangria recipe, any recipe, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive either. There are good quality wines that are also affordable for even the lowest budgeters. You can go for your favorite wine varietal or you can even go for a pre-bottled, good quality, affordable sangria wine like Bodega Sangria. These types of pre-bottled sangrias are already packed with great fresh fruit flavors and can be enjoyed as is, on the rocks, but they are most enjoyable with the addition of extra fresh fruit.


Bodega Sangria is also the secret to get the best sangria recipe because this pre-made sangria was made by professional winemakers from an esteemed company – Riboli Family Wine Estates, owners of Los Angeles’ historic San Antonio Winery. So, much of the legwork to getting an excellent pre-made sangria has been done for you, now it’s up to you to add in more of your favorite fresh fruit.

Learn more about the Bodega Sangria brand by going to This best sangria recipe secret (which probably won’t stay a secret for much longer) can be purchased at local retailers and San Antonio Winery in-store in Los Angeles, Ontario, and Paso Robles and online at