Bodega Sangria Recipes For Every Season

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Bodega Sangria is a fresh fruit sangria wine that is ready to be enjoyed the moment the cap is twisted off the bottle. It’s best over ice and comes in both a red sangria (Tradicional) and a white sangria (Blanca). But the fun with Bodega Sangria doesn’t stop there – you can make great sangria recipes for all seasons!

Bodega Sangria wines themselves are packed with fresh citrus fruit flavors but you can play it up with basically any fruits you want and have go-to sangria recipe for all seasons. From seasonal fruits like strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and raspberries to fruits you can easily get fresh all year long like apples and oranges, there’s really no wrong match! And that’s the beauty of Bodega Sangria.


Some of our favorite fruit-add ins for all season sangria recipes are watermelon and strawberries and peaches, and raspberries and lime. And when it’s really hot out, we like to blend the Bodega Sangria and fruit with some ice to create a slushy sangria recipe drink!

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