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February is known as the month of love and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner we know you can feel the pressure to do something great with someone special. So here are a few fun things you can share with your girlfriends, closet friends, or your sweetie.

It’s always important to share that perfect drink, so of course we are going to recommend going with Bodega Sangria for the best Valentine’s Day drink. Bodega Sangria is fresh, fruity, and delicious.  It will complement that Valentine’s Day meal and will pair perfectly with sweet desserts too!

Whether you plan a romantic picnic with all your favorite foods, appetizers, and snacks, or have a fun girl’s night in with your best gal pals, Bodega Sangria is the best sangria to have in hand!  Bodega Sangria isn’t your typical sangria wine brand either.   Add some slices of oranges and pieces of fresh strawberries for a truly delicious Bodega Sangria experience that your Valentine will appreciate and both of you can enjoy.

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