Cheers to No More Red Wine Stains!

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We’ve all been there. The party is just starting, and someone drops their glass or red wine or red sangria, and there is a sudden silence around the room. Or, you are watching Netflix in bed and get too into the episode and next thing you know you have a red wine blotch on your new sheets. Our favorite? When your cat gets jealous you are giving a bottle of wine more attention, so your cat knocks over the freshly poured glass. We understand! Red wine is a beautiful but very dangerous thing. That is why we have done some research and have brought you the top ways to remove red wine and sangria stains!

Below are some of our top links on how to remove red wine stains, but before you read those, know this:

  • DON’T RUB! This might be the most important aspect of removing red wine and sangria The first thing you are probably going to want to do rub the red wine right out of your shirt or carpet; resist.
  • Best products to have on hand: salt, boiled water, peroxide, good old fashioned dish soap. You probably have at least one of these, so you are golden! Don’t stress. Your carpet or stained item will be red wine free in no time!

Check out these articles on how to properly remove red wine stains, and in case they don’t work, there are backups!


Now you can enjoy your red wine and sangria without worrying! Check us out online at for more helpful tips, recipes, and ideas!

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