Cinco de Drinko with Bodega Sangria!

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It’s time for a fiesta! We’re soon to be celebrating one of the most festive holidays this time of year – Cinco de Mayo. Parades, music, dancing, bright dresses, food and drinks are all part of the fun and just by looking at a bottle of our Bodega Sangria, you get that same sense. This wine beverage was made for this exact type of celebration. It’s full of festive flavors, fancy fruits, and it’s a must-have for this occasion.

When it’s Cinco de Mayo you can’t help but want to watch the fast-paced dancing in elaborate dresses and you can’t help but want to drink cold beverages with elaborate flavors. Along with other Spanish traditions being showcased this time of year, Sangrias has Spanish roots that have become popular in North America because of the perfect blend of wine and fresh fruits.


We’ve captured this Spanish specialty in a bottle, enhanced with 100% natural grapes. Sangrias can be made in both Tradicional (red) or Blanca (white), as perfectly exemplified by the Bodega Sangria brand. This allows all wine drinkers to enjoy sangria, no matter what their preferences are! Both Bodega Sangria wines are filled with fresh orange, lemon and lime characteristics.

You won’t want to miss out on completing the celebrations with this elegant and festive drink that can keep up with all the Cinco de Mayo fun. Bodega Sangria can be purchased at your local retailers or online from

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