Crank The Heat And Stay Cool

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It’s warming up and the weather is calling for backyard barbecue parties. Sun and hot-off-the-grill goods are best enjoyed when you have a refreshing cold beverage in hand. Flavored wine coolers are the way to go and Bodega Sangria is the one you’ll want to complete your BBQ.

If you’re familiar with Stella Rosa wines, you’ll find reliability in the fruity flavors of its sister brand, Bodega Sangria. Made with 100% natural grapes and citrus flavors, it pairs well with any meats, seasonings, spices or sweets that are being served at your backyard party.


Bodega Sangria is meant to be served chilled, so you know this is the best choice for a backyard BBQ. To ensure all your guests are taken care of, this beverage is as essential as serving beer at an outdoor party. It can be poured out of the bottle, served over ice, or with fresh fruits (which we highly recommend). You can add an eye-catching piece that compliments your grilling beauties, by filling a pitcher with fresh cut fruits and Bodega Sangria flavored wine coolers.

When it’s hot out, you’re chowing down and you want to cool off your (meat) sweats, be sure to have Bodega Sangria on hand. We guarantee it will give you the refreshing feeling and taste you’re looking for.

To learn more about this flavored wine, check out the Bodega Sangria website and follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to share your BBQ photos! Bodega Sangria can be purchased at local retailers, at San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, Ontario, and Paso Robles, or online at Let’s get the #BodegaSangria on!