Create a Charcuterie Board like a Pro

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Who says you can only enjoy a charcuterie board when you go out to dinner?  We sure don’t and you shouldn’t either!  Today we are putting together our favorite bites and turning them into one impressively delicious spread for you to enjoy with your friends, or if you’re not in the mood for sharing, no worries, enjoy it all to yourself – guilt free!

What are we having?  Easy – flavorful meats, cheeses, breads, crackers, pickles, olives and Bodega Sangria wine…done!  So simple, and oh so tasty!  Most grocery stores will have everything you need, so no need to stress about that.  It’s the perfect appetizer or snack in between meals, and it’s even more enjoyable when paired with your favorite sangria wine.

You too can create a charcuterie board like a pro, just follow these easy tips above and you’re all set to go.  Find Bodega Sangria at your local retailer or purchase online or in-store today from San Antonio Winery.