Enjoy Bodega Sangria Anytime

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Maybe you’re planning a birthday party, or hosting a get together with your closest friends, or just having a relaxing night in, whatever you may be planning, we have the beverage for you. Bodega Sangria is fun, fresh, fruity, and perfect to enjoy with your friends as well as perfect to enjoy by yourself after a long week in the office.   Bodega Sangria is fermented naturally and enhanced by refreshing natural fruits.   The flavors are crisp, semi-sweet, festive and bursting with natural citrus flavors of fresh orange, lemon, and lime.


Sangria is well known for being a beverage from Spain and made using red or white wine. Consider these rich flavors of 100% pure natural grape to get the delicious tastes of Bodega Sangria. The Tradicional is red wine sangria with natural flavors, and Blanca is the blend of white wine with natural flavors. Sangria has always been known to be the cool party drink, but we feel that Bodega Sangria goes great anytime, and with anything.   Enjoy it with your favorite meal or enjoy it on its own and get the refreshing taste that comes from quality wine all from Bodega Sangria.

You can pick up your own bottles of Bodega Sangria in-store or online at San Antonio Winery. Visit BodegaSangria.com and SanAntonioWinery.com to learn more!