Fruity Summer Sangria Fun!

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We’re geared up for hot weather and summer cocktails and we bet you are too! Here are a couple of fun, sangria recipes to kick off Summer!

Bodega Sangria is a bottled sangria, filled with zesty, citrusy fruit flavors and makes the most refreshing festive drinks.


We all know how amazing watermelon tastes on a hot day; now imagine heightening that sensation with wine. Our Watermelon Sparkle only calls for a few ingredients and a table to set this on, because it’s so stunning it could be your center-piece for the evening.

Get a mini watermelon and slice off the top quarter. The bottom will serve as your cup or bowl. Carefully cut or scoop out chunks of watermelon, without puncturing any sides or the bottom. Now your watermelon is hollow. Fill it with some of the watermelon chunks you just took out, then pour in the Bodega Sangria Tradicional! If desired, add some sparkling water and lime and voila! You’re all set to drink and enjoy this delicious and refreshing Bodega Sangria recipe drink!


You might be feeling as inspired as we are with sangrias this summer, so here’s another spectacular fruit composition. Pineapple Splash is our Bodega Sangria recipe with pineapple juice. With the same idea as using the whole watermelon, you’ll want to serve this tropical drink in the pineapple itself. Slice the top, core out the inside and you’ve got yourself a poolside cup.

Fill the cored pineapple with Bodega Sangria Tradicional and add pineapple juice. Garnish with fresh pineapple pieces on a toothpick or with an fun cocktail umbrella.

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