Have a Bodeful day!

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If you are looking for a tempting Sangria this summer don’t go to too much trouble. We are coming to you! Yes, we know, Sangria is what you need in this heat. So, we are sure that Bodega Sangria is what you will love. Bodega Sangria combines wine and a mix of fruits. This Sangria brand is a semi-sweet red Sangria with fresh orange, lemon, and lime characteristics that are balanced with bright acidity.


As you know, Sangria is the ideal beverage during Spring and Summer. But with Bodega Sangria it’s even better! Our desire was to offer you a special Sangria wine so that you don’t need to add fresh fruits if you don’t have the fruit handy!


It fits great with a barbecue. Have a sweet fruity flavor while you’re eating salty grilled meat, sausages or chicken. De-li-cious! Bring Bodega Sangria for a picnic with your partner, a family dinner or a friend’s meal. They will be completely won over by the fruity taste. Did you know that Bodega Sangria brings people closer? Try it. You will experience a wonderful moment because Bodega always creates a good atmosphere.


Even during Fall and Winter, drink Bodega Sangria. Such a good way to put Summer  back in your life, because with Bodega Sangria summer never ends.


Adopt the fruity style!


Bodega Sangria can be purchased at your local retailer, at San Antonio Winery or online at SanAntonioWinery.com. To learn more about this brand, visit and be sure to follow the brand on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use #BodegaSangria on fan photos!