How Do I Make Sangria?

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Sunny weather calls for sangria!  Spring is here and Bodega Sangria is the best way to get festive quickly.  This special sangria wine is already bursting with fresh orange, lemon and lime fruit flavors.  Along with its natural semi-sweet red grapes, you have all you need for tantalizing sangria right out of the bottle.

This sangria is a traditional 25-year-old family recipe from the San Antonio Winery, in Downtown Los Angeles.  Your guests are sure to be pleased by this unique blend, but it is even more fun when you add your spin on it by adding your favorite fresh fruit.

We suggest serving Bodega Sangria chilled and with an orange wedge, making it a great spring and summer drink.  Once you’ve tried it though, we bet you’ll want to have it available year round.

Bodega Sangria Blanca is also available for purchase at San Antonio Winery.

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