If You Want A Good Time, Grab The Best Sangria Wine

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What makes the best Sangria? Rich flavorful red wine, abundance of fruit flavors, berries and citrus, ice cubes, and a hot day! It used to be that you’d have to buy individual ingredients and a big bowl to be able to put this all together. Which also mean it was best served at home. Not anymore.

Bodega Sangria is the best Sangria wine because it has all the necessary ingredients, natural fruit flavors and succulent red wine all fused together in one bottle. This doesn’t require a punch bowl and big ladle, you can chill your bottle in a cooler and head out to the beach or a hike and enjoy a cup of the best sangria anywhere you choose to be.

This product is the sister brand to Stella Rosa, which means that same winemakers who have been crafting wine for 100 years are the ones who created this genius idea of a ready-made Sangria. Not only does it have the backing of expert winemakers, it’s a family recipe and is as traditional as it gets.

If you’re new to the game of ready-made Sangrias, it may be your first time hearing that Sangrias don’t only have to be made with red wine. Bodega Sangria also comes in Blanca, offering the same natural grapes and orange, lime and lemon flavors.

Sangria on the go may just be the next best idea since sliced pizza. Not to mention pizza and Bodega Sangria makes for a good pairing.

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