It’s Always Bodega Sangria Season!

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Bodega Sangria is a bottled, pre-made sangria brand that has a red wine sangria (Tradicional) and a white wine sangria (Blanca) in its collection. This sangria brand is not like your other sangrias – the brand is really one that you can enjoy all year long.


You know that sangria is generally most popular in the Spring-Summer seasons, but with Bodega Sangria, it’s always sangria season, even in the Fall and Winter! Bodega Sangria keeps a fresh, youthful vibe, making it fun to drink all the time.

Bodega Sangria is best served cold, over ice. You can totally drink it as is – it’s got great festive citrus flavors. But, if you add in fresh fruit, it definitely punches the Bodega Sangria up a notch.

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