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Sangria might be a seasonal fruit wine but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it all year long. Bodega Sangria is fun, fresh, and fruity and it’s perfect to enjoy on warm days as well as on not so warm days, because who doesn’t love drinking a tasty refreshing sangria cocktail?

Bodega Sangria is perfect if you’re looking for a fun seasonal fruit wine that is also a great party drink to entertain your friends with. Bodega Sangria is deliciously refreshing, which is why we enjoy it all year round. We don’t believe in being limited in our wine choices and Bodega Sangria is definitely our favorite go-to sangria wine. We love adding fresh fruit and colorful straws to our sangria for a festive and fun drink to enjoy with all our friends and family. Pick up some Bodega Sangria and stock your fridge for those upcoming spring and summer gatherings that you will be hosting this year – Your friends will thank you. Happy Friday!

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