It’s Always Sangria Time!


Summer never ends, and neither does sangria! Red wine sangria is not only delicious in the summer, but is a fantastic go-to beverage year round. In the fall time, red wine sangria can best be paired with carving pumpkins and Thanksgiving turkey. During the winter, red wine sangria is the perfect fire-side companion, delicious with the scent of pine trees in the distance, and tastes great when the snow is falling.

Red wine sangria is not only versatile year-round, but also pairs with several different foods, and has health benefits! Bodega red wine sangria has delicious fruit filled notes of oranges, lemons, and limes, allowing the sangria to pair perfectly with just about any holiday food.

Which tasty treats do we recommend you pair this red sangria with? We suggest sweet and spicy food, seafood, cheese, sliced meats, and any traditional tapas dish.

Still not sold on red sangria in the Fall and Winter months? Grab a bottle today and test it out at your Thanksgiving dinner or your Holiday party and see what all the rave is actually about.

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