Keep Summer Alive With Sangria Wine Brands!


Sangria wines have become a year-round tradition and not just a Summer fling with wine brands making new “ready to drink” sangria. Most of these sangria wine brands come in two options or flavors: traditional, a red wine sangria, and some type of white wine sangria, whether it is Moscato-based, white wine-based, or uses different fruits such as peaches and apples. Due to the convenience of these ready to drink Sangria Wines, sangria is now perfectly acceptable at any time of the year.

Bodega Sangria is one of these sangria wine brands, but is also so much more. Summer never has to end with Bodega, and both the Tradicional and Blanca sangria flavors are bursting with natural citrus flavors of orange, lemon, and lime.

Keeping tradition alive, Bodega Sangria provides a delicious pre-made ready to drink sangria from a 25-year-old family recipe!

Don’t let Summer come to an end – keep the sangria pouring!

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