Red Wine Sangria – A New Holiday Tradition


A new way to surprise your holiday guests this year isn’t by the feast you’re going to cook or the present you’re going to give, it’s by the beverage selection you will be serving. You’ll have the traditional eggnog and hot chocolate, probably some cider and some sparkling wine too. But one drink no one ever considers but should start now: red wine sangria.

You can offer a hot/ mulled sangria or even a cold one, there’s nothing wrong with that! Sangria is no longer a “Summer-only” drink, just like sweet wine is no longer a “beginners drink.” Because sangria is made with the addition of fruits, you can make it very holiday-festive with cranberries, apples, pomegranate, and even mint or rosemary!


New traditions are made when old, outdated ones are broken. Head to the store, pick up a red sangria, and serve it at your holiday party! At first everyone might think you’re crazy, but after they get a sip of your sangria wine concoction, they’ll take back those crazy words.

Learn more about a red sangria (and white sangria) by visiting or Bodega Sangria is one of the most popular sangria brands on the market right now.