Sangria Wines Up High At Mt. High

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A snow trip isn’t complete without a cup of hot cocoa, but that was so last year. This year what you need when you go to Mt. High is a glass of cold sangria! Sangria wines are new at Mt. High this snow season and if you’re wondering why a ski resort will offer sangria in the winter, you’ll have to go find out for yourself! The sangria wines, courtesy of LA brand Bodega Sangria, are refreshing and energizing for when you’re ready to hit the slopes. If you’re drinking a glass after the end of your day, they’ll certainly be the most rewarding drink, making sure you have plenty of energy for the remainder of your evening.

Sangria wines at Mt. High can be found at Big Pine, Foggy Goggle, and Bull Wheel all season long. However, during Valentine’s Weekend, there will also be a sangria girl and a sangria cutout to take fun social media photos with. Make sure you upload your photo to Instagram and Twitter with #BodegaSangria.

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