Snow And Sangria – Find Us At Mt. High!

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Sangria in the snow! Say it so! It’s that time of year to hit the slopes and over at Mt. High in California, you can grab a glass of fruity Bodega Sangria in between your runs on the mountain. This red wine sangria can be found at three locations at Mt. High: Big Pine, Foggy Goggle, and Bull Wheel.

If you plan on taking your Valentine up to Mt. High over Valentine’s weekend, you’re in for an even bigger treat because Bodega Sangria will even have a fun cutout to pop your head into, a Bodega Sangria girl to take photos with, and a festive cart to get your cup filled up! A weekend getaway with your love in a cabin in the snow with some sangria sounds pretty nice.

If you’re thinking that sangria in the wintertime is completely off the beaten path, then well, you’re right, and you should follow that path! The unconventional is trending and sangria, especially Bodega Sangria, is very delicious anytime of the year in any weather.

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