Splash In Some Red This Summer

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Summer brings out the brightest in all of us. It’s the season for color, yellow, pink, green….the brighter the better! We think red fits in wonderfully for hot days, specifically when we’re talking about a refreshing red drink that instantly cools you down. Red wine sangrias are the most delectable drink, any time of year but our Bodega red wine sangria makes all the difference in your hot day, because it is like no other!

Bodega Sangria, the sister brand to Stella Rosa has all the elements that make the best sangria, and then some! She is filled with fruity flavors, citrus accents and unique tastes of cinnamon. Your hot body will want you to splash it with red wine sangria, on the inside of course. Fill your cup with ice cubes and get ready for the most delicious cooling down experience, as great as eating ice cream. Or maybe even top your ice cream for a sangria float. You can’t go wrong; Bodega red wine sangria is that amazing.

But don’t just read about it, try it to believe it! This is a 25 year old family recipe that has been making a splash across America and growing in demand every year. Our red wine sangria doesn’t just cool you down, it makes you cool at any party, because once you pass this drink around, you’ll be making a splash at the party with something everyone will want to get their hands on.

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