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Many of us are familiar with the Spanish fruity wine drink that is Sangria and we love it! But most times in order to enjoy this fabulous drink at home, we have to follow a recipe. Of course, the recipe will call for many fruits and all of which have to be cut up. Needless to say, it’s a little more work than we might want to put in for a summertime beverage.

If you want to skip the work of cutting up fruits and skip even having to follow a recipe at all, then we know exactly what would put a smile on your face and it’s called Bodega. We’ve taken out the long-winded step where you follow a recipe and just did it for you! Bodega Sangria is in fact a traditional recipe and it’s been bottled for your joy and convenience.

This Sangria is invigorated with high quality red wine infused with fresh citrus flavors. What your tasting is actually a 25-year-old family recipe and nothing is compromised by having it available to drink straight out of the bottle. Just be sure to serve it chilled.

In fact, if you still wanted presentation points or plan on filling a pitcher, sliced fruits with Bodega Sangria is not going to harm this recipe in any way, it pairs perfectly with additional fruits. The best part about this Sangria recipe is just about anything goes. Straight out of the bottle or with your own personal twist.

The steps to this recipe is:
1. Find Bodega Sangria
2. Look at your local retailers or purchase in-store at San Antonio Winery or through our online-store, find information at
3. Chill your bottle or serve over ice
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5. Smile because you just discovered something amazing 