Sunny Skies Solicitis Sangria

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Spring time calls for nice weather, but nicer weather often also means hotter.  The most fun way is to sip a cold refreshing sangria filled with fruity festive flavors.  If you want to guarantee a perfect batch of this popular drink, then we know the best red wine to make that happen – Bodega Sangria.

This exceptional sangria is bursting with 100% natural grapes and enhanced with fresh orange, lemon and lime fruitiness.  The Riboli Family, who has brought several award-winning wines, crafted this specifically to be the best red wine to make sangrias.

You can serve this right out of the bottle, chilled or over ice with a citrus wedge.  Delicious Sangrias have never been this easy to share with your guests!

But don’t stop there, like the festive flamenca dancer on the bottle, let your inner festive spirit come out and be creative.  Because this is the best red wine to make sangrias, you can add any type of fruit to this semi-sweet wine for a delectable cooling drink.

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Bodega Sangria