The Best Sangria Recipe

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We have discovered the best sangria recipe! It was meticulously perfected by San Antonio Winery from a 25 year-old secret family recipe. And what’s even better is that we’ve used the recipe to create our San Antonio Bodega Sangria. We can’t tell you the special blend of fruits used to make our sangria, but we certainly can share the mouthwatering taste with you! San Antonio Winery Bodega Sangria is a divine mix of sweet wine, citrus fruits and a touch of cinnamon. It boasts big flavors of juicy, perfectly ripened oranges, lemons and limes.


Your search for the best sangria recipe is over! Pour a few bottles into a large pitcher to share with your friends. It’s so good they’ll think it’s homemade!

You can purchase Bodega Sangria at San Antonio Winery or at your local retailer. Trust us, you’re going to love it. Join the fun by following Bodega Sangria on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, #ItsSangriaTime. Follow the Bodega Sangria blog and YouTube page for upcoming sangria cocktail recipes for autumn!