The Best Winter Sangria Is Bodega Sangria


Contrary to popular belief, sangria is not just a summer drink. Sangria is perfect all year long and we are here to let you know how to enjoy this classic libation even in the winter! Get ready to make Bodega Sangria your favorite Winter red wine sangria ever!

Bodega Sangria is a refreshing and tasty red wine sangria that is great when poured over ice, and the best part of that is that it will never taste diluted. That’s a win-win if you ask us! Bodega Sangria is great when accompanied with your favorite dishes, and just as great when enjoyed on its own. The taste of this red wine sangria will make sense as to why sangria should not only be enjoyed in the summer, but all year round.


Add your favorite fruits to Bodega Sangria for a special twist that will only further enhance the flavors of this already delicious red wine sangria. Cut up slices of apples, oranges, and pears to mix up the flavors, but don’t stop there- add cranberries and pomegranates for additional boosts! Mix and match your favorite fruits or try them all because you really can’t go wrong with red wine sangria and fruit. We recommend letting the fruit soak with the wine for a bit before enjoying, and then you have yourself wine infused fruit as an added bonus! You’re welcome!

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