What Is Bodega Sangria?

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Besides being our delicious brand of red and white sangria, bodega is the Spanish word for “wine cellar.”

Though sangria making can be fun, and bring out the inner Pinterest in you, it is not always the most ideal thing to serve. Whether the fruit is too ripe or not ripe enough, you did not let the fruit settle enough, you did not add the correct brandy or soda, there is too much sugar, or the wrong type, the list goes on and on… and that is only from making the sangria. Choosing a sangria dispenser or server is a completely different story to try and prevent the fruit from clogging the nozzle or taking up too much space in the bowl.


Bodega Sangria is the perfect solution. It comes in a ready to pour bottle, is already delicious, and all you need to do is chill it and serve either over ice or with fruit!

Though sangria is often the drink of the summer, it is a perfect transition into fall and even winter! Grab a bottle today and learn more about Bodega Sangria at BodegaSangria.com or SanAntonioWinery.com


Img. 2: @iluvcb6161