What You Don’t Know About Bodega Sangria

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You know how your mother and grandmother have always cooked their delicious, signature dish that everyone loves? There’s always a secret ingredient to making it just right, a secret ingredient that she won’t tell just anybody. Maybe she’ll tell you the secret in ten years!

Well, for us, our delicious, signature drink (not dish) is a sangria and sure enough, we have the secret to the best sangriaBodega Sangria. In fact, there are a handful of secrets to making this the best sangria and of course, we’re not going to tell you all of them, not yet. We will tell you a few right now though because we just can’t help ourselves.


  1. Bodega Sangria is made from grapes contracted from various California vineyards in the state’s most prestigious wine-growing regions. That’s one secret. What we’re not telling you here: which vineyards.
  2. Bodega Sangria is made with precision and perfection. Because this is a pre-bottled sangria that can be enjoyed the moment you open it, our recipe has to be on-point. What we’re not telling you here: our exact recipe.
  3. Bodega Sangria is best served-chilled with extra fresh fruit (even though it doesn’t require fresh fruit if you don’t have any available). The fresh fruit pumps the drink up. What we’re not telling you here: what fruit combinations to mix in. Why? We’re leaving it up to you to decide!

Bodega Sangria can be mixed with all kinds of fruits in practically any combination you can think of because frankly, it will taste refreshing and delicious no matter what. The secret to the best sangria drink sits in a bottle of Bodega Sangria – that’s how good it is.


Learn more about Bodega Sangria by visiting BodegaSangria.com and SanAntonioWinery.com. Bodega Sangria wines, the secret to the best sangria, can be purchased at San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, Ontario, and Paso Robles, SanAntonioWinery.com, or at your local retailer. If you’re looking to get more involved and active with this brand, make sure you’re following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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