What’s Refreshing And Delicious? Bodega Sangria!


Sangria wines should be enjoyed all year round. It is refreshing, delicious, and the perfect every day and night drink. Did you know that Bodega Sangria is a delicious fun, fresh, and fruity sangria wine that is ready to serve and enjoy? There is no fuss when it comes to this sangria wine. You do not have to worry about having to look up a sangria wine recipe, or make your way to that crowded grocery store to purchase all the ingredients. Bodega Sangria is prepared with natural fruits and ready for you to drink and enjoy every minute of it. This sangria wine is fermented naturally and enhanced by refreshing natural fruits. Bodega Sangria is a festive sangria wine that bursts with fresh orange, lemon, and lime characteristics that are balanced by bright acidity.


Sangria wine should always be a wine option. It is the perfect festive drink to have as you get ready to enjoy the holidays. Why not share an amazing and tasty sangria wine with those closest to you? With the holidays fast approaching, we love hosting holiday parties, and Bodega Sangria is the perfect addition to bring that party to life. Sangria is always a good idea, and we love bringing out that Bodega Sangria for any and all occasions. This wine is ready to serve and we love pairing it with our dinner meals and drinking it socially with our friends. We can’t get enough of Bodega Sangria and we know once you get your hands on this sangria wine, you are going to feel the same and wonder why you haven’t been enjoying this wine sooner.

You also have options with this sangria wine. Bodega Sangria has two delicious and refreshing flavors. Bodega Sangria comes in “Tradicional” and “Blanca” flavors. The “Tradicional,” or Traditional is the red blend and the “Blanca,” is the white sangria wine blend. Both flavors of this fruity sangria wine are semi-sweet and made with 100% pure natural grape. Purchase both flavors and switch it up according to your preference. You can find Bodega Sangria at your local retailer or visit San Antonio Winery in-store or online. Visit the website at BodegaSangria.com.