Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Buying Sangria Wine Online

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Buying sangria wine online is definitely not as off-putting as it might sound. You’re thinking the sangria comes with fresh fruit mixed in already, but then you’re wondering how “fresh” it will still be – that’s probably what turns you off. But, buying Bodega Sangria online is not like that.

Bodega Sangria is bottled sangria and the brand has two flavors: Tradicional and Blanca. Both exhibit festive citrus flavors of fresh orange, lemon, and lime. The Tradicional sangria is the red wine sangria while the Blanca is the white wine version.


Bodega Sangria wines are drink-ready! Once you open the bottle, you can pour it over ice to enjoy it ice-cold. However, we do encourage you add additional fresh fruit to your glass or pitcher because it will just further enhance it. Either way is great, though!

Don’t be turned off about buying sangria wine online to save you time and a trip to the grocery store. With Bodega Sangria, you’ll get a very great sangria for an extremely reasonable price.

To learn more about Bodega Sangria, visit BodegaSangria.com. Follow the brand on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates or if you’re just looking for some humor in your day. And of course, to buy this sangria online, go to SanAntonioWinery.com.