With Sangria, Winter Is Summer!


Though the weather is quite different, Summer and Winter actually have a lot in common. School is out, there is more time to spend with friends and family, everyone is in that special happy mood, and goals are set. Along with the weather though, are specific tastes. We all know what Summer tastes and feels like just as easy as we know what Winter tastes and feels like. But why limit these tastes to each season, when we can have both!

Sangria wines are often times associated with Summer, but that overlooks just how well a great traditional red sangria can pair with the winter months.

Snowed in? Warm up your red wine sangria for a tasty and easy spin on mulled wine!


Getting cozy by the fire, but want something cold to sip on? Make a sangria wine snow cone! (Best part about this is, it tastes just as good when it melts!)

Having family and friends over for a holiday dinner? Sangria wines pair excellently with most food dishes!

Just how you make summer goals and New Year’s resolutions, make it your goal this winter to add more sangria wine into your life! For more information on our sangria wines, Bodega Sangria, or San Antonio Winery, visit us online at BodegaSangria.com or SanAntonioWinery.com